How we are different
Simple Pricing Simple Pricing

See pricing the way your customers do: straightforward, with no hidden costs.

Start with 10 start with ten

Buy the amount that you need, whenever you need it.

Fast Turn-Around Fast Turn around

8 days for a sample.
15 days for a batch.

Made in NYC Made in NYC

We 3D print in-house, and work locally with hand picked vendors.

Start With a photo/model Start with a
Photo / Model
3D Print it in Wax We 3D Print it in Wax
Then Cast it in Metal Then Cast it in Metal
inish, Polish + Ship! And Finish, Polish & ship it your way!
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Start with a photo

We provide simple and fast digital manufacturing for your projects. No more set-up costs or minimums.

Start with a 3d model

Upload a 3D Model and see your product come to life.

Questions? Let us help you get started!