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  • What is Matter?

    Matter is a new kind of factory, designed for the web and built for independent designers and creative businesses. Based in Brooklyn, we specialize in small-batch production of metal parts using 3D printing and rapid molding.

  • Is Matter a Fit for Me?

    We built Matter for makers like us, but it's a good fit for anyone trying to grow their product-based business. We specialize in production runs between 10 and 1,000. For one-offs and custom orders, we'd recommend Shapeways, and Maker's Row is great for larger orders.

  • How does 3d printing benefit my business?

    There are a number of ways digital production can help your business - but the two main reasons we find designers use Matter is that they can save time and energy in replicated their designs and they can improve their pieces in ways that would be hard to do otherwise.

  • How Do I Get Started?

    You can upload a 3D model for an instant quote and online order form on our site. If you don't have a 3D model, you can upload photos or drawings of a design to get a digital 3D model made by the matter.io team (a $50 design fee applies).

  • What’s your minimum order size?

    Our minimum order size for batches is only 10 units with significant price breaks between 20-500 pieces. In addition to small-batches, we offer a prototyping service for production samples and custom designs. For orders above 100 pieces, get in touch and we can get you a custom quote.

  • Can I order a sample before a batch?

    Absolutely. We encourage our customers to sample all new designs before bringing them into production. We offer full quality production samples as well as resin prototypes for faster turn-time. If you’re interested in sampling our materials or finishes we have swatches available as well.

  • How Does Pricing Work?

    Our pricing is always broken down by unit, with all set-up costs built into the cost. We do this so that you see your costs the way your customers do, making it easier to set your prices. For people who prefer to get more granular, we've put together a cost-breakdown.

  • How do I get a quote?

    Getting a quote for a new project is fast and easy. Just visit our pricing page and plug in your project details — like weight, material options and quantity — and we will generate an instant quote for you. If you have a 3D model (STL or OBJ) you can skip that step entirely and upload it directly to the site for a real-time quote and realistic rendering. If you’d prefer talk to a member of our team you can select the live chat option in the header or book a consultation here. For orders above 100 pieces, get in touch and we can get you a custom quote.

  • Do I get a cost break if I order a bigger batch?

    Yes. As volume increases, our costs decrease and we pass those savings on to you. While it varies by material and design -- costs decrease by 5-10% per interval of 50. For orders of more than 100 units, you can contact us for a custom quote.

  • Can I include multiple pieces in a build (i.e. earrings)?

    No. Every file needs to be printed separately, which means it costs us the same as printing two separate files. This is not just true for Matter, but anyone who uses 3D printing as part of their production process. Keeping our costs aligned with our prices is how we keep prices low, transparent, and fair.

  • Do multiple sizes (i.e. rings) count as separate models

    Yes. Different sizes require us to make different models which cost as much for us to make as completely different designs. For rings in particular, many of our designers create adjustable designs or order larger sizes that they can resize by hand.

  • What materials do you work with?

    We offer a range of basic, precious and semi-precious metal alloys in variety of mechanized and artisanal finishes. You can find a full list of materials, finishes and plating on our interactive materials page or speak with a member of our team.

  • Where are your products made?

    Every product we make is manufactured in the United States, with most of the work being done at our New York City factory and by our partners in New York’s famous diamond district. We are deeply committed to American manufacturing and transparency around our supply chain. If you have any questions about how or where our products are made, just ask!

  • Do you do production in house, or outsource?

    Production begins at our factory in Brooklyn, where all printing and cleaning are done. The patterns we print are then sent to a small group of trusted partners who take on different parts of the production process. We oversee the whole production process and every part comes back through our factory for quality control before being sent out to you.

  • What’s the turnaround time?

    Turn around time for samples is 8-12 business days while batches are 15-20. While we strive to meet these estimates on every order, certain designs and material selections are more prone to delays than others. If you’re under a tight deadline, we recommend speaking with a member of our team who can walk you through your options.

    If your order is delayed for any reason you will receive an email with an explanation and link to our site where you can track your order’s progress online.

Intellectual Property
  • Do I retain the intellectual property rights for my design?

    Yes! Anything you make through us remains yours, including any CAD or design work we do for you. We’ll never reproduce your work without your permission or share photographs of it being made.

  • How do you ensure my property isn’t stolen?

    While there is no absolute way to prevent against intellectual property theft, we believe we’ve gone further than anyone in the business to make sure your designs stay yours. For starters, we’ve developed an encrypted file format that makes models harder to hack. We do all printing in-house so that our vendors never have access to the original files, and we only work with vendors that are local and that we vet.

  • What is your return policy?

    Because all orders are custom made, we can not accept returns in most cases. We encourage designers to order a sample before each run to ensure they’re happy with the options they’ve chosen.

  • What if the pieces are defective?

    While we inspect each piece before shipping, defects occasionally slip under our radar. In the rare case that this happens, we’ll swap out the bad parts for good ones and give you a discount on your next order.