Frustrated with small-scale production,
we built Matter with a singular goal:

to create a different kind of factory;
one that we’d be proud to use ourselves.

and here’s what we came up with...


Manufacturing should be honest

A good factory should have nothing to hide. It should empower its customers to know more, not less, about what they’re paying for and why. It should use technology and good design to guide users to better decisions about what to make and how.


Manufacturing should be simple

You shouldn’t need a masters in mechanical engineering to get things made. A good factory should be simple to use and accessible from anywhere. In an age where everyone’s connected, your factory should never be more than a click away.


Manufacturing should be for everyone

Good manufacturing shouldn’t only be for the big guys. A good factory should be designed to take on smaller projects and work with smaller designers — using technology to give every new idea a fighting chance..

We‘re excited to build the future of manufacturing with you.

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