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Meet the team
Dylan Reid
Dylan Reid CEO

A fourth generation Brooklynite, Dylan’s proud to return to his roots to lead the Matter team. A designer by training, he’s spent far too many hours thinking about surface finish. When he’s not in the office he’s assembling IKEA furniture and dreaming of better ways to get things made.

Greg Tao
Greg Tao CTO

A proud hoosier, Greg grew up in the cornfields where he developed the curiosity that he brings to his the Matter team. A mechanical engineer and amateur inventor, he’s designed for the biggest assemblies line and smallest production shacks. When he’s not in the office, he’s building bicycles from parts he “finds” in the dumpster.

Frank Moss
Frank Moss Chairman

A native of Baltimore, Frank is the most senior maker among us, lending his expertise and insights to the team. As director of MIT’s Media Lab, he led one of the biggest and most famous communities of makers and as an entrepreneur he’s made everything from supercomputers to immunotherapies for cancer.

Tobe Nwanna
Tobe Nwanna Head of Engineering

Born outside of the capital, Tobe keeps the lights on and servers running in the background of Matter.io. A computer scientist and aficionado of graphics libraries, Tobe had the idea for Tinder way before it came out. When he’s not in the office he’s complaining about products he knows he could make better.

Jana Styblova
Jana Styblova Head of Product

Born in Prague and raised in the American South, Jana will take a snow drift over a sand dune anyday. A former NASA funded physicist turned designer, she’s as comfortable with a telescope as she is with a pen. When she’s not at the office, she’s photographing fires and putting butter in her coffee (eww).

Ridhi Singla
Ridhi Singla Operations

A native New Yorker, Ridhi returned to the city to run our Brooklyn factory. A kinetic sculptor and amateur electrician, she’s used to caring for big, delicate machines. When she’s not wrangling our printers, she’s tinkering with her own - a first generation reprap.

Maryanna Basyul
Maryanna Basyul Quality

Hailing from Odessa, Maryanna is the toughest member of the Matter team where she leads Quality control. Trained as a jeweler, she’s worked at benches big and small and brings her discerning eye to every piece that leaves our Brooklyn factory. When she’s not at the office she’s collecting Soviet-era baubles and Russian prison tattoos.

Jen Sales

A native of Connecticut, living in the windy city, Jen turned the cold into compassion which she brings to the Matter community. In a past life she made moves as a dancer and penned thoughtful pieces on race and gender in America (using OkCupid data). When she’s not at the office, shes making the world a better place for rescued cats and dogs. She does not have any prison tattoos...yet.

Sam Li
Sam Li Illustrator

Born outside the state capital, Sam developed his efficient aesthetic and love of design amongst the old factories of upstate New York. An industrial designer by training, he’s sees the world through an isometric view. When he’s not in the office, he’s knolling his furniture and building modular office supplies.

Anh Lee
Anh Lee Scout

Annie Dao
Annie Dao Scout

Maya Juchtman
Maya Juchtman Scout