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Some companies hide behind their terms of service - filling them with obscure language you’d need a paralegal to explain. In the spirit of transparency, we’ve taken a decidedly different approach. Here in plain english, are the terms by which we operate and what you can expect every time you use our service.

Like everything we do, our terms are likely to change, and we’ll continue to expand and improve them as we get smarter. What won’t change is our commitment to transparency and service, so as they do, we’ll do everything we can to explain them.

Privacy & Intellectual Property

Your designs are yours. Bottom line. While we love to showcase our designer’s work, we’ll never reproduce or share photographs of your pieces without your express permission. We go through great lengths — both technologically and operationally — to keep your intellectual property secure.

Our commitment to intellectual property goes both ways. We ask that you only upload designs that you have the legal right to reproduce and never include trademarks or copyrighted material which isn’t yours. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to counterfeit goods and will turn over any illegal content to the appropriate authorities.

Safety & Care

We take pride in the materials and vendors that we work with to ensure that everything we produce is safe and it’s composition is transparent. That said different people react differently to different metals and certain designs wear differently than others. We test our materials extensively to offer the best guidance we can. But it is ultimately up to every designer to test their particular designs, which is why we offer samples.

Pricing & Guarantee

We’ve designed our pricing so that our costs reflect our prices, and our margins are consistent and fair. That means when our costs go down, the savings get passed on to you and when prices (say for gold) go up, we share the cost together. Because of this, we can’t guarantee pricing or project quotes. While some businesses pad their margins to make up for potential market spikes, we don’t think that’s fair to you and that’s not how we want to do business.

If you have any other questions — see our FAQ or drop us a line.